Volcom Wild In The Parks   Volcom Wild In The Parks

VOLCOM WILD IN THE PARKS — Stop 2 – Arvada Park – Arvada, CO

Volcom’s Wild In The Parks is a pretty simple concept: The contest is a jam-based format where each skatepark has 3 zones. Each skater’s single best trick from each zone counts toward their overall score. For Stop #2, Volcom and Wild In The Parks stormed the massive Arvada, Colorado skatepark for one of the best stops to date.

Full Results:

14 & Under Division:
1st: Justin Gallegos
2nd: Hal Scarborough
3rd: Jarod Penny
4th: Hunter Harlan
5th: Andrew Ferguson
6th: Jeremy Stone
7th: Hayden Harlan

15 – 21 Division:
1st: Wyatt Milhollan
2nd: Alex Dominguez
3rd: Jude Pullol
4th: Quinton Pullol
5th: Zachary Jordan
6th: Michael Matlock
7th: MenelikMarutle

Open/AM Division:
1st: Julian Christianson – $250
2nd: Phil Hansen -$150
3rd: Jake Hankins – $100
4th: Heroki Asher
5th: Mitch Schmidt
6th: Raphael Sanboh
7th: Trevor Theriault

Caswell’s Choice – __presented by The Skateboard Mag:__
Caswell Berry will award his favorite competitor from each stop of the 2015 Wild in the Parks tour to jump in the van with the Volcom team and shoot a photo to be featured in The Skateboard Mag with the footage to be featured on The Berrics!

Stop #2 winner: Mike Marks

Next Stop: Bellevue, WA – June 27th, 2015! Click here for more info.

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