Wade Desarmo Visits The Nine Club For Latest ‘Stop And Chat’

The Nine Club uploaded its latest ‘Stop And Chat’ interview this morning, this time with Canada’s jump roping pioneer Wade Desarmo. In the virtual chat—following up on Desarmo’s Feburary 2017 in-studio interview—the crew talk about getting diagnosed with plantar fasciitis (this is no joke, guys… if you’re stricken with the dreaded PF you should take it easy for a few months); shares some stories from the good ol’ days when we used to travel, like the time he got his pocket picked in Barthhhelona; Primitive possibly maybe probably working on YET ANOTHER full-length video (!); and, as always, Crob gets Desarmo to break down some of his best-known footage (jump roping = immaculate inward heels, confirmed). Watch the interview, above!

Watch a few of Desarmo’s projects with The Berrics from back in the day, below:

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