Walker Ryan Releases His Debut Novel ‘Top Of Mason’

Walker Ryan Releases His Debut Novel 'Top Of Mason'

Walker Ryan, the man who always seems to have a smile on his face, has released his debut novel. Titled Top Of Mason, the book is set in the world of modern professional skateboarding—maybe the first of its kind—and takes place in San Francisco.

“It’s an adventure story about a guy trying to get over a break up—intersecting the worlds of skateboarding, contemporary celebrity, and homelessness—all the while dealing with a late-twenties identity crisis,” Ryan says. “All the characters are fictional, but it’s inspired by my love for San Francisco and my appreciation for the many unique individuals I’ve met through skateboarding.”

The 271-page book is available from the Old Friends site, and $1 from every book sale will be donated to Glide in SF which offers meals and shelter services to people in need.

Ryan has been super supportive of us here at The Berrics, and we’re very happy to see him flexing his literary chops when he isn’t landing perfect switch impossibles. Check out some of work we’ve done with Ryan over the years, below:

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