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Watch Dashawn Jordan On ‘The Steebee Weebee’ Show

Dashawn Muthafuckin’ Jordan joined Steven Lee for a hilarious episode of The Steebee Weebee Show yesterday, covering pretty much all the bases and bouncing around from topic to topic in trademark Lee fashion. He manages to uncover some shit about Jordan that we didn’t even know. (He learned 360 flips before kickflips? Lazer flips BEFORE varial heels? What the fuck?). Both of them reminisce about Arizona and share some funny stories, talk about making music, and lots of details about his incredible career. The dynamic between Lee and Jordan is pretty special—this a must-listen.

Jordan is a well-oiled machine and he has busted his ass for The Berrics consistently since 2015, and in 2016 we released his Recruit with an ender that was later nominated for our #BerricsGnarliestTrick contest. It’s amazing that he may be repping Toy Machine at the Olympics! Check out some of his work with us, below:

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