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Watch Holiday Route’s ‘Guided By The moon and The Stars’ Here

Take a trip to Malaysia for Indonesian clothing company, Holiday Route‘s latest video offering, ‘Guided by The Moon and The Stars’ that premiered this week on Free Skate Mag. Shot beautifully by Joy Suryawan, and chock-full of bangers, the crew handles business in the streets of Malaysia. With a heavy line up of rippers featuring Rubianda Rachman, Sanggoe Dharma Tanjung, Dede, Arik Bagiarta, Absar Lebeh, Aldy Tiawan, Iam, Made Richi, Piping and Genghis Bradley, ‘Guided by The Moon and The Stars’ is a picturesque representation of skateboarding around the globe.

Watch the full video, filmed and edited by Joy Suryawan, above!

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