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Watch Sergio Santoro’s ‘Quarta de Cinzas’ Part for Solo

Sergio Santoro is one of the most unpredictable skaters in the world. For those that don’t recall, Sergio famously did a darkslide on the massive MACBA out-ledge—as seen in his ‘Nicest Moments’ part here on The Berrics. Santoro keeps the fun-loving, loose spirit of skateboarding alive in his latest edit for Solo Skate Mag. Filmed this in ten days around carnival, when his friend Santiago Brandimarti was visiting, ‘Quarta de Cinzas’ is nothing but good times and summer vibes. Watch Santoro’s ‘Quarta de Cinzas’ part, filmed and edited by Santiago Brandimarti, above!

Check out his Berrics ‘Nicest Moments’ part, below:

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