General Ops


I got a lot of great stuff this last week to check out, but none of them compared to this part of David Langston. In honor of how damn good this guy is, I’ve decided to hold up on posting anything other than his part which really isn’t a part but is a part. You see, he didn’t even make it and he didn’t even send it in. It’s not a sponsor me video. It’s not from a shop video or a homie video, it’s a part put together and subsequently sent in by David’s friend, Austin Files. When I see parts like this I have to wonder to myself why I haven’t started a board brand yet so I can take all these guys who are this good and put them on a team so all of you can enjoy what they have to offer. Please enjoy, please like, please share, please tell your friends about David Langston because this could easily be you one day and because… David Langston is fucking good. – sb