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WATCH THIS! — Any Surface – Tyler “The Natural” Kirshenbaum

Ten-year-old Tyler Kirshenbaum didn’t earn the nickname “The Natural” for nothing. Upon witnessing Tyler pull off nollie laser flips down sets at the young-age of ten, we can only imagine what he’ll be busting at 20. Most kids his age (to no fault of their own) suffer from ‘kid flick.’ Their leg muscles just haven’t developed yet, but somehow Tyler defies the odds with a Reynolds-like flick, launching him well ahead of the curve. On top of that, he’s creative and has his own approach to skating. He skates ledges, rails, transition and stairs. Bottom line, he kills it. You have to Watch This! video and get familiar with Tyler “The Natural” Kirshenbaum. We expect great things from him in the future and we’re stoked to share his part.

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