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WATCH THIS! — Aura Bredart – Kaaf Movie 2

Aura Bredart is another reminder of how far skateboarding has grown and how much farther it’s going to go with skaters like herself. Around the world skate crews include girls now more than ever, and honestly, it’s the best thing to happen to skateboarding since polyurethane wheels. Why? Because it’s organic, it’s natural, it’s The Next New Wave, and when girls like Aura push girl-skating forward, the bar is raised for anyone stepping on a board. ANYONE. Aura’s part from KAAF Movie 2 is a full-length video out of Belgium showcasing a trick selection most guys her age can only imagine doing. Skateboarding is growing in all directions, Aura Bredart and the Kaaf crew are the reason why, producing a project we can all get behind.

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