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WATCH THIS! — Erwin Jadraque – Street Part

When we decided to launch Watch This! we had a few things in mind. Mainly, we wanted to give skateboarders, filmmakers and artists a platform to exhibit their love for skateboarding, but most importantly we knew we wanted to share those skateboarders who truly stand out. Erwin Jadraque deserves our attention, because Erwin skates like nobody’s watching. From wallie nose manny nollie flip on Courthouse, to skating backyard pools and shaped boards, Erwin with each clip drew us more and more in. He skates so fast sometimes the filmer (who still did a great job) had trouble keeping up. Bottom line, you can tell the dude is loving what he does and he’s gunna’ keep skating things his way. That’s why you need to Watch This! street part: to remember skateboarding is about being yourself to the fullest and not getting caught up in what’s trending. Keep killing it Erwin, we’ll be watching.

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