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At the tender age of 9, Filipe Mota is already pulling flip tricks down sets equal to his age. Not to mention heelflip frontboards, fakie inward heels and flipping out of grinds. What hyped us up even more was Marcelo Barker and the rest of the Deemers Essencial squad hailing from Brazil. The crew really embraces Filipe, taking the young buck night skating and to the local DIY. Maybe that’s why at such a young age Filipe already shows a pure passion for skating, rolling from first trick to last with a smile from ear to ear. After all, isn’t that what we’re all trying to keep alive as we continue to skate for ten-twenty and even thirty-years since first stepping on a board? That same enthusiasm and feeling we had after kickflipping our first set, landing our first air on a ramp, or popping our first ollie? Either way, we all owe a special thank you to Filipe Mota and everyone involved with Deemers Essencial, for inspiring us to skate and for reminding us prodigious or not, treating young rippers as one of the crew goes a long way. We can’t wait to see more of Filipe Mota and what his bright future has in store. Bravo Filipe… Bravo!

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