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WATCH THIS! — Rodney Mullen – Bulletproof Thoughts #3

We all need a little kick in the rear every once in a while, to remind us it’s okay to fail. After all, no skateboarder was born knowing how to kickflip, or in Rodney Mullen’s case – inventing the kickflip. Skateboarders should understand without the pain of falling, without the trials of learning new tricks and perfecting the old – the rewards wouldn’t be nearly as sweet as they are. And somewhere in the skateboarding code (granted if there is one); pulling away from what people expect of you is what skateboarding is all about. So hop on board Bulletproof Thoughts with Rodney Mullen, an ongoing series of insightful philosophical narrations animated by Antoni Senora. Get inspired and gain some reassurance, it’s okay to fall down sometimes as long as you get back up and do it for yourself.

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