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WATCH THIS! — Waiting – Minor Media

One of the best parts about skateboarding is the people creating videos simply out of their passion to capture skating in their own vision. One of the reasons skateboarding is so strong is the fact it’s supported by not just Pros, but people from the ground up. After all, we all started in our front yards kickflipping sidewalk cracks and taking our parents cameras out to neighborhood driveway gaps. Then dudes like Erick Valentic start getting a bit more serious and begin making montages. Soon enough you might even begin taking some video production classes, then who knows, produce a full-length homie video or two. Then a few years down the line, sure enough, the next great filmer/editor is born. Maybe that’s why Erick Valentic chose the title: The “Waiting” Video, because the waiting is over… The next great editor has been found capturing skateboarding through his own lens. Erick Valentic and the Minor Media Crew won our first YOUnited nations contest, it’s amazing to see things come full circle. Waiting is a raw video with an emphasis on the sounds of skating, producing a video with a fresh but nostalgic feel coupled by some of Canada’s best skaters. The video features Tj Rogers, Brandon Bandula, Shayne Eldridge, Chad Wilson, Ricky Gouin, Ben Peterson, Jon Consentino, Mitch Donovan, Dylan Barnes, Justin Behan, Cole Hacker, Jermaine Morris, Ranese Adams, and previous BATB 4 winner, Morgan Smith.

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