Watch Vans’ Female French Skaters In ‘Synthesize Me’

Vans released its latest video this morning, featuring Vans’ team of French women, titled ‘Synthesize Me.’ Sam Partaix, the brand’s French team manager, decided to bring the girls from his crew to Marseille this past summer to discover the second-biggest city in the country. In between games of “pétanque” at La Friche Belle-de-Mai and Marseille calanques, they spent ten days skating all the new  spots and DIYs the city had to offer, along with some of the best up-and-coming skaters from Europe. Watch the video, by Romain Batard, above…

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Six years ago we produced the 5-part ‘EST’ documentary series on Vans, released around the time of Propeller. Watch it below!

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