Watch Lost Archival Clips From 2012’s ‘We Are Skateboarders’ Documentary Here

Truly insightful documentaries about skateboarding are few and far between (2016’s L.A. Boys comes to mind), but the 2012 feature-length film We Are Skateboarders remains one of the finest examples of the form. Directed by Ben Duffy, the film is a time capsule of an industry on the cusp of monumental change; it was right around this time that Instagram would explode with popularity, giving countless independent brands a critical platform to reach their audiences. Last week, a short behind-the-scenes edit—’Behind The Story’—was released and it’s a treasure trove of lost interview footage form the filming sessions, featuring Peter Smolik, Steve Olson, Lance Mountain, Duane Peters, and many more. This is a must-see document of a revolutionary era of skateboarding—watch it above!

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