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WEEK IN REVIEW — March 17, 2018

 WEEK IN REVIEW -- March 17, 2018

WORDS: Stu Gomez 

This is your week in skateboarding, through the eyes of The Berrics.

When news of Karl Watson’s new company, Maxallure, broke in February, it was like a breath of fresh air. He partnered with Nick Lockman, a longtime friend who used to be the brand manager for DGK, and cherry-picked an impressive team that includes Lil Dre, Marcello Campanello, Jonathan Perez, De Marquis McDaniels, and Tafari Whitter, not to mention the smooth moves of one of skateboarding’s inimitable style originators—Karl himself. Read his interview with Leland Ware here.

Chris Mulhern, a videographer who has done great work with The Berrics in the past (not to mention his stellar work with adidas), has a new full-length project in the works. “Untitled 002” is the latest trailer, and it has that Mulhern vibe all over it. Don’t make us wait too long, Mulhern!

I didn’t realize that Wade DesArmo was formerly known as “Wade DesOrmeaux” (according to this Wikipedia page). I also learned that—although “Desarmo,” with a lower-case “a,” is most common—his last name uses a capital “A.” Those are just a few Wade-related tidbits from this week. Oh, and he’s now pro for Primitive. Paul Rodriguez welcomed him with a characteristically heartfelt public notice, via Instagram. But does Paul know about the capital A thing? And will the Dragon Ball Z collab eclipse this news?

Here are this week’s Berrics videos presented in easily bingeable bites.

 Air + Style – A Different Perspective

 Bangin! Aaron Yant

 Chris Cole’s Sean Malto Battle Royale w/ Maurio McCoy and Nate Greenwood

 Chaz Ortiz’s #DreamTrick – Part 1

 Chaz Ortiz’s #DreamTrick – Part 2

 Eamon Samojla Has Back Threes On Lock

 Why is Dave Bachinsky ‘All up in Our Grill’? (‘Cause we’re hungry muthafuckas.)

 Trent McClung is Ambidextrous. Actually, the rest of the McClungs are, too. 

 Remember this? Phil filled the park with H2O, and we were like, “H2 Whoa, son!” 

 Alexander Risvad’s ‘Weekender’ 

 Vans ‘Get On Board’ event recap

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