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WEEK IN REVIEW — March 31, 2018

WEEK IN REVIEW -- March 31, 2018

WORDS: Stu Gomez

This is your week in skateboarding, through the eyes of The Berrics…

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the recent developments on our Instagram: On Tuesday, Atlanta’s Lil Gnar challenged any rapper with over 1,000,000 views/plays on a song to play him in S.K.A.T.E.… Oh, and he put down $15,000 to sweeten the deal. Hopsin, a dude who has been skating seriously for years, quickly accepted.

Then, a couple of days later, Reese LAFLARE (another Atlanta mainstay) insinuated that the cash on the line was somehow paltry and insignificant. This shocked all of us skaters here at The Berrics offices—we have to save up just to splurge on Top Ramen (that’s that fye). Lil Gnar duly raised the scrilla to $20,000. We urge you guys to please cap it there because you’re making us look hella cheap.

Strangely, Berra (aka Lil Berra) was deeply entrenched in this ongoing saga. It’s kinda fascinating to see how this challenge has played out over the past few days, and it must fill him with pride to see how BATB influenced these multidisciplined renaissance men in their quest for flatground fame. We don’t mean to brag; we don’t mean to boast… but this is totally rad.

But how does The Berrics’ audience feel about our relentless coverage of this spectacle? For those of you who know who these guys are, you’re losing your minds over how epic this shit is. The rest of you are probably saying, “Stick to skateboarding!” Well, we found a loophole. And that rhymes with poophole—and, like opinions, everyone’s got one, son.

In other news:

etnies premiered Album, the respected shoe brand’s first full-length in forever. Trevor McClung had first part, and he also turned pro—just in time for a world premiere tour and a Battle Commander, coming Monday!

Jordan “don’t call him Maxhammers” Maxham joined Blind, introduced in the brand’s United Nations this past Monday. Read his interview about his post-Warco Sun Machine experiences—he’s the realest dude. He’s a standup, popout dude.

And, going back to the beginning of the week: PHX AM 2018 was an amazing contest. Check out our photo gallery and video recap for some of the best bits. We can’t wait until next year!

Here are this week’s Berrics videos presented in easily bingeable bites.

Blind’s United Nations

Bowerbank’s #DreamTrick is out of control.

David Reyes goes all the way with a flatbar (ewww).

Orange Man asks, “Do you remember the first time?”

Hey Blind: we see you.

Hot off his etnies Album part, we re-present Berger’s barger from the 2017 Bangin.

Yep, that’s right. We were at PHX AM too!

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