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Welcome Skateshop Teams Up With Thunder For New Collection

Madrid, Spain’s Welcome Skateshop recently scored a Thunder collab truck, and it celebrates skateshops worldwide and the connection they all share: employees and team riders are considered ‘crews’ and the shops themselves keep their local communities’ scenes humming along.

The Thunder x Welcome Madrid trucks and tee feature a grip tape file and the utility blade that all shops big or small will undoubtedly have behind the counter, while the yellow print pays homage to their own shop’s interior walls. Check out the video for the collab, above, featuring Felipe Bartolome, Rafa Cort, Sebas Garcia, Ben Skrzypek, Borja Santiago, Pablo Garcia, Comi, Marco Rivera, Jamal Farruk, Issa Moujadami, and Juan Algora.

In 2015, Thunder sponsored our second season of 2Up—the modular manual contest. Check out the entries from Thunder pros Shane O’Neill, Bobby De Keyzer, Theotis Beasley, and Walker Ryan, below:


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