WKND Spoofs Teen Movies In ‘Alan Gelfand High’

WKND has broken the collab promo mold once again with an inspired spoof of high school movies like Mean Girls and Clueless. When approaching the dilemma of ‘How do we promote our potentially polarizing collaboration with a rollerblade company,’ the brand’s mastermind Grant Yansura (and former Berrics filmer) chose to poke fun at our own holy cows instead—with a shitload of top-tier cameos. And it doesn’t hurt that the star/narrator of ‘Alan Gelfand High’ (clever) is none other than ‘Skate Talk’ Bob Altamirano (The Berrics hosted his live chat shows for a bit back in the early days). Sure, not a single trick is landed in this short film, but Yansura’s video is the essence of skateboarding… in all of its superficiality.

Watch Yansura’s Weekendtage “TV” episode, along with WKND’s Trajectory from 2016, below.

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