Watch WKND’s Full-Length ‘Death Dance’ Here

WKND and Grant Yansura have released their full-length Death Dance (via Yansura’s YouTube account), featuring Karsten Kleppan, Johan Stuckey, Alexis Sablone, Christian Maalouf, and may more, with animations by Sablone, Yansura, and Tanner Burzinski. This surprisingly global production was filmed in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Cincinnati, Columbus, St. Louis, Chicago, Tokyo, Yokohama, Oslo, Malmo, and Copenhagen. As always, you need to expect the unexpected with WKND.

Yansura goes way back with The Berrics (he used to be our designated comic relief filmer). Check out his Weekendtage “TV” episode, along with WKND’s Trajectory from 2016, below.

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