Watch WNTR Crew’s ‘Harmony’ Here

Madison, Wisconsin’s WNTR are a fairly new crew, but their videos already seemed very seasoned (speaking of seasons, SPRNG, SMMR, and FLL were already taken). With the high level of skating and top-notch editing by Alex Havey, the crew’s second video, ‘Harmony,’ is polished and it grabs your attention right away with Will Morton’s opener. WNTR is here!

Watch ‘Harmony’—featuring Morton, Josh Oakes, Dave Engerer, Dave Green, Kyle Karkut, Brent Menchaca, Ben Kasdorf, Benny Fosco, Roger Schmidt, Brandon Bristow, LJ Falk, Nick Potter, and Blake Lamb—above!

Watch one of our recent projects with WNTR’s Engerer, below:

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