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WOMEN’S MARCH — Skateboarding at The Berrics

 poseiden foundation ladies night

This past weekend, the United States just had the largest collective protest in the country’s history. In recognition of the monumental accomplishment of the Women’s March, take a look at some of the best of women skateboarding at The Berrics: Lacey Baker‘s Text Yo Self; Leticia Bufoni‘s Battle Commander; and the many Ladies Nights that we’ve organized with The Poseiden Foundation since 2011.

Poseiden Foundation’s Girls Night, 2011.

Poseiden Foundation’s Ladies Day, 2012.

Poseiden Foundation’s Ladies Night, 2015

Poseiden Foundation: Not For Profit.

Poseiden Foundation, Ladies Night—Fall 2015.

Poseiden Foundation’s Ladies Day 2016.

Hoopla Skateboards, an all girls skate brand.

Leticia Bufoni Battle Commander.

Text Yoself Before Yo Wreck Yoself with Lacey Baker and Vanessa Torres—2009.

Lacey Baker, An Open Letter to Mikemo—2008.

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