The Worble’s Dave Mull Profiled By Audubon Society Magazine

The Worble's Dave Mull Profiled By Audubon Society Magazine

Drop-in daredevil, and tree stump stomper, Dave Mull is all about the birds—in particular the Townsend’s Warbler. (Maybe that’s why the zine/brand/movement he rides for is called The Worble?) Audubon, the official magazine for bird appreciators everywhere, recently picked Mull’s skull about how he got into birding—he’s been known to pull out binocs on the sesh to spy on our little feathered friends—and how birds actually inspire his skating and throughout his daily life.

While birding may seem like a niche pursuit to skaters, the opposite may be true for birders. Mull acknowledges how many interests can coexist, even as someone identifies strongly as a skater:

“Skating is always evolving and so fresh all the time, that when people see a skater that is also something else… they’re some other sort of artist, and skating is just one kind of outlet that they have. So, it’s different and new to a lot of people that a skater can be a birder, but it’s not as surprising as skate culture might imagine. Pretty much every skater has some other amazing talent.” That would make a great tweet.

Read Nicholas Lund’s interview with Dave Mull at the Audubon site here.

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