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WTF: Wrestlers Are Doing Skateboarding Bodyslams Now

Wrestling and skateboarding go together like… Well, like peanut butter and chocolate? Judging by these clips of All Elite Wrestling’s Darby Allin hippy jumping into Chris Jericho‘s face, the two disparate activities complement each other pretty fucking well. (We’ll give you one guess as to the brand of board he rides—it starts with a “D.”)

And the fans are eating it up. Who knew that skateboarding could be just the thing to revive pro wrestling? (That’s just our take—don’t get your gold lamé Speedos in a twist.) Check out some more clips of Allin doing NBDs upside fools’ heads, below, and follow AEW on Instagram for updates on their upcoming tour stops:


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Allin loves to bring his skateboard into the ring. Just check out this deleted scene from KIDS:

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