BEING: RODNEY MULLEN — X Games Profiles Skateboarding’s Genius

Without Rodney Mullen, street skating as we know it wouldn’t exist. He birthed the tricks that were the building blocks for practically everything that is done today. Rodney’s brain works differently than the average human. And he is credited as being a genius by many who have known and worked with him over the years. In the latest Being from X Games, Rodney shares the most valuable lesson that he learned from skateboarding.

“It always goes back to my skating. It taught me how to learn and look within myself. That is the infrastructure that skateboarding has given me. Something very concrete, models that I don’t think other people don’t have access to. So these are messages that I share in very concrete ways that gets people’s attention.”

As always, there’s a great deal that everyone can learn from Rodney Mullen in this inspirational piece.

Rodney Mullen | A Beautiful Mind

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