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SKATE 3 ON XBOX ONE — Now Backwards Compatible

Skate 3 XBOX

It’s been one year since the Xbox One Backward Compatibility program launched. Last week, Mike Ybarra, Head of Platform Engineering for Xbox, announced that one of the most-requested titles, Skate 3, has just been added to the catalog. Skate 3 is joining Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, which were also announced.

Sure, we’re hyped about this. Skate 3? Sweet! But, Skate 4? Now we’re talking! 

In skateboarding, being “backwards compatible” implies progression: switch, rolling fakie, and… sex changes. That’s just progression (or in the case of sex changes: indecision). It’s nice that XBox has made it possible for us to play Skate 3 on XBox One, but if they’re not joining the fight to Make EA Skate Again then they are just spinning their wheels.

XBox is going backwards and looking towards the 360, but they need to be doing a 180 and looking forward to the future! A future that includes Skate 4! Let’s get forwards compatible and Make EA Skate Again, once and for all! 



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