‘World Of X Games’ Releases Extended Cut Of Ryan Sheckler Profile

Ryan Sheckler grew up before our eyes in the MTV reality show Life Of Ryan as a teenager, and today the 30-year-old is one of the most accomplished and respected skaters in the world with a charity that literally helps change people’s lives (with The Sheckler Foundation). In July, ‘World Of X Games’ profiled the pro for their Being series and, as he opened up about his epic, fast-paced career, the channel realized that they had more good footage than would fit in the standard 8-minute segment. So, this morning, X Games released a 26-minute ‘Being Ryan Sheckler’ redux edit containing unseen clips and interview footage—watch it above!

Sheckler has worked with The Berrics on numerous projects throughout his career. Watch a handful of these videos below:

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