YAJE POPSON — ‘Riddles in Mathematics’

The pro part is a time-honored tradition in skateboarding. It is for the skateboarder what the thesis is for the university student. A carefully crafted body of work that proves that you are ready to graduate to the next level.

On February 23rd, Transworld Skateboarding premiered Riddles in Mathematics. The very next day, Yaje Popson was announced as one of two new pros for the rebooted  Alien Workshop.

While Yaje clearly put in the work leading up to this part—which features rarely-seen bangers including pole jam 50-50 and switch back 180 50-50 on handrails—you can’t help but look at this as the magnum opus that launched his pro career.

And if this is just the start, it’s going to be interesting to see how Yaje progresses in the years to come.

Alien Workshop | Yaje Popson & Joey Guevara

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