Yoan Taillandier Drops ‘Minuit Exp 3’ Video

France’s Yoan Taillandier—one of the most influential filmers of the past decade—just released a new Minuit edit, ‘Exp 3’. It’s been nearly a year since we’ve laid eyes on his last one (‘Exp 2’), but all the hallmark’s of Taillandier’s much-homaged filming style is there, up close and personal. Check out the edit, featuring over four minutes of high-speed clips from Glen Fox, Fred Ploque Santos, Doom pat, Olivier Durou, PJ Chapuis, Mika Germon, Oscar Candon, Arnaud Henriot, MOUT 2000, Benji Russel, Hugo Corbin, JT Saldou, Alex Raeymaekers, Francois Pion, Pierre Leze, Amelien Foures, Futoshi Tokuyama, and Gauthier Rouger. Don’t make us wait so long for the next one!

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