Yoonivision: Bird’s-Eye View Flatground

I don’t like to eat lunch at the office with my co-workers—nothing personal and I love my coworkers, but I’m not trying to have a conversation with food in my mouth that I’m trying to scarf down quickly so I can get back to work. Because of this, I hide upstairs in the balcony to eat my bland-ass lunches; no one ever goes there and no one really looks up, so it’s a nice fortress of eat-itude for me.  One of those days, as I was hiding from my coworkers with my boring lunch, Maurio McCoy was directly below me doing kickflips. The catch looked so cool from up top and I thought it would make for a cool photo, so after I scarfed down that lame lunch of the day, I went downstairs and asked Maurio if I could shoot his kickflip from above and, after we did, a fun project was born. Unfortunately, the project is incomplete, but I figured with the quarantine and all this time stuck in our homes, it’d be cool to show you what I started. The good part is, once this quarantine is over, the project will continue. Can’t wait to get back at it and continue to avoid my coworkers at lunch. —Yoon

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