Yoonivision Run & Gun 2016

YOONIVISION — Run & Gun 2016 – Week 1

Remember in “The Dark Night Rises” when Bane throws Batman in that hole with broken ribs to live the rest of his life in the darkness of a hole that is nearly impossible to crawl out of? But nothing is impossible for Batman, even without his utility belt. He repeatedly tried climbing out of that hole, with a high chance of death by impalement on rocks, and with his will to survive and his physical strength, Batman eventually conquered the hole of hell and made it back to Gotham to kill the guy who threw him in the hole. Well, that pretty much summarizes Run & Gun… except for the killing part. This past weekend, Run & Gun returned and we threw Evan Smith and Cody McEntire in that hell hole. And you’ll decide who survives. —Yoon

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