Yoonivision Run & Gun 2016

YOONIVISION — Run & Gun 2016 – Week 5

Last weekend marked the end of Run & Gun 2016. 11 minutes of the most ridiculous lines put down by Tiago Lemos, Carlos Ribeiro, Cody McEntire, Chris Cole, Tommy Fynn, Nyjah Huston, Robbie Brockel, Evan Smith, PJ Ladd, Tyshawn Jones, and Paul Rodriguez. There’re probably only a handful of human beings on this planet that can complete a Run & Gun. In my mind, everyone who completes one is a winner… but like every contest, there can only be one winner. Now you have the hard task of voting for the one who you think had the best minute. Good luck, and as we say at BATB (coming soon): “May god have mercy on your souls.” —Yoon

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