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Zach Doelling’s Structured Part

It’s no secret that Zach Doelling has a hefty bag of tricks. Last year, Zach won his BATB Fight Night event to earn his spot in BATB 13: Freedom, which he won his first game against Jonny Giger, last month. Since then, he’s been primarily focused on perfecting his flatground to stand against his heavyweight opponents (Jamie Griffin in round 2), but has had the time to hit streets and put together a solid part with filmer Matt Gener. Tap in with Zach as he handles heavy handrails, long lines, stairs, gaps, street transition, and even throws in a front crook to front blunt for good measure.

Watch Zach Doelling’s Structured part, with guest clips from Dan Corrigan, above!

Check out how Zach won his way into BATB and his first game against Jonny Giger, along with some of our other projects with Doelling, below:

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