Get To Know Zane Timpson In Bronson’s ‘Life In The Fast Lane’

Bronson Speed Co. has dozens upon dozens of team riders, so there are plenty of amazing options for a day-in-the-life style video. Zane Timpson, who was named after the actor who played his mom’s favorite sitcom character ($5,000,000 goes to whoever can sleuth that one… just kidding), is the latest rider to be profiled and his daily itinerary is as gnarly as it gets: ditches, hills, mini-parks, and huge under-the-bridge parks are all on the to-do list. While you’re hanging out with Timpson, you can learn about his whips and his cherished mementoes. We don’t know about you, but we’ve definitely got Zane on the brain—watch the video, above!

In 2016 Bronson partnered with Next Up Foundation to hold a speed test at The Berrics, handing out prizes for the fastest kickflips, tre flips, and nollie tricks. Watch the slippery edit, below:

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