Must Read: CONS’ Zered Bassett Interviewed For ‘Skateboard Story’ Blog

Zered Bassett

Zered Bassett, shot by Colin Sussingham.

36-year-old Zered Bassett has been in the game for over two decades but his skating still seems as fresh and innovative as a young am’s—the term “switch god” comes to mind. We’ve come to know him here at The Berrics while working on a variety of projects, and he has always struck us as energetic, gracious, and completely affable. But, as we learned by reading his recent interview with the Skateboard Story blog, he is also introspective and wise beyond his years.

Bassett’s longtime friend Ben Oleynik picked his brain for the feature, which covers his Paper Skaters project, his tribute to Ben Raemers, sticky sponsorship caveats, and some recent moments of clarity.

“…I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care what people are thinking and I’m having fun skating with my friends. I feel great physically; I’m psyched.” 

Read Bassett’s full interview with Oleynik at the Skateboard Story site, and watch a handful of his video projects with us over the years, below”

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