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Zion Effs and Lester Cepero Shine in ‘NEW ERA’ for Vice Skateboarding

Lester kicks off ‘NEW ERA’ strong with a barrage of heavy South Florida clips before making way for Zion’s smooth style. Watch ‘NEW ERA’, filmed and edited by Omar Massiah above.

It’s only Tuesday and it’s already been a busy week for Zion Effs. Z joined the Baker team with a welcome part, left Vans and dropped a new part with Lester Cepero in Omar Massiah’s ‘NEW ERA’ for Vice Skate Co in less than 24 hours…. It’s safe to say Zion is making some serious power moves, and he has the footage to back it up.

In 2021, we did a profile piece to learn a little more about young Zion, check it out below!

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