Zion Wright Shares Some Of His Gnarlier Skate House Stories

At 16 years old, Red Bull’s Zion Wright decided to pack up and move from his home in Florida to California and pursue his skate career, and the plan really couldn’t have gone much better. Except, that is, for the pro skater rite of passage known as the “skate house.” Five years later (with the benefit of hindsight), Wright is ready to share some of the more outlandish shit he experienced while living in a couple of multi-use cribs in the heart of Long Beach.

In the video, which premiered yesterday, Wright recounts an occasion when his life got flipped turned upside down (along with some furniture) during a home invasion, and how even something as innocent as a donut run can be a life-or-death situation. (In case you’re wondering, he’s a frosted cake man—with sprinkles, of course.)

“It wasn’t the best zone. They were telling me: ‘Over here—if you got somewhere to go—get there, do what you need to do and get back.’”

All things considered, things turned out pretty tight for Wright. He’s racked up the accolades, snatched trophies, turned pro, and he’s even an Olympic hopeful on the Team U.S.A. Skateboarding team. We’re sure he would do it all again in a heartbeat, especially if the donuts are fresh.

Wright has worked with The Berrics on numerous projects over the years, including his introductory Next New Wave part, a very gnarly Battle Scars (ouch), and an outstanding Recruit. Watch a handful of these videos below:

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