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  • After his DC Rediscover Home series, Battle Commander, "It Was All A Dream" pro part, back to back Run & Gun wins, and everything else he's managed to put out the past couple years, you probably thought you had a pretty good gauge on just how good Felipe is. Nope. He just kicked it up a thousand notches. Flip ins, flip outs, impossibly hard tech tricks, massive gaps and stairs, and then some... This part is so jacked.

  • The pop, the flick, the catch… Andrew Reynolds has the best kickflip in the game. But this time he wants to see yours. We’re giving away Andrew’s entire signature Nixon collection and a Mini Blaster portable Bluetooth speaker to his favorite kickflip on social media. All you’ve gotta do is upload your best kickflip to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and hashtag #KickflipLikeTheBoss. Deadline for entries is Monday, 12/23. We’ll announce the grand prize winner on Christmas Eve. Watch this video of The Boss’s most memorable kickflips for inspiration, and go get some. 

  • Seeing this footage reminds me how lucky I am that I got to film Guy Mariano. I was still trying to come up as a skate filmer and here I was filming one of the best skateboarders in the world. I want to say a HUGE THANKS to Guy for letting me film you. Opportunities like this is what helped me get where I am today. —Chris Ray
  • There's some serious skrilla on the line and you've got Reda yelling in your face. A lesser man would lose his cool, keep what's left of his dough and sit on the sidelines like a chump. But Will Fyock is the type of guy who will roll up with one dollar and double down until the house goes bust. In your face, Reda.

  • Twenty-one years running, Tampa Am is one of the most important events in skateboarding for up and coming ams. You can guarantee that the winner of Tampa Am will have a long and prosperous career ahead of them. With so much on the line, we followed and documented two ams from completely opposite ends of the country on the Road to Tampa. Here’s Tampa Am through the eyes of Oscar Meza and Yoshi Tanenbaum.

  • Trickipedia is not a Trick Tips section, but that doesn't mean you're not going to learn. Trickipedia is the general education page for skateboarding tricks started by The Berrics so that future generations understand the difference between frontside and backside and that there is no such thing as switch nollie half cabs. Each week, one of Skateboarding's best will help fill Trickipedia's pages until it is the most comprehensive reference work on the planet. This week, Matt Berger adds Backside 180 to Fakie Five-0 to the mix in HD. If you have any suggestions of who you would like to see do certain tricks in the future, feel free to drop us a line at trickipedia@theberrics.com.
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