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  • The next batch of Delivery 3 #THEBUILDPROJECT Fundraising Buckets are on their way to skate shops now to help raise money to build/fix DIY spots in their local scenes.

    Check the list of shops to see where you can get involved in The Build Project.

  • If you thought you knew just how good he was, think again. Carlos Ribeiro is one of the most gifted skateboarders on the planet. This full part from Primitive Skateboarding proves that Carlos is capable of doing absolutely anything on a board. Wow.

  • We all know technology makes the world go round and we’d lose our minds without Instagram or iPhones. But sometimes you’ve gotta reconnect with physical, hands-on objects to feel like a real live human being again. Therein lies the impetus for Philly-born, Denver based skater/photographer Matt Albert’s “The LIFERS Project”.

    Frustrated with digital photography, Matt fell in love with the 19th century wet collodion (or wet plate) technique and decided it was the perfect format to photograph fellow “Lifers”—the ones who have dedicated their entire lives to their passions. So he packed his bags and hit the road down the west coast in an Airstream to shoot portraits of down-for-life legends like Danny Way, Ray Barbee, Steve Berra, and Lance Mountain. 

    “The Seasons Collection” follows these lifers and finds the correlation between what drives them and the seasons that inspire them. The entire collection of wet plate photos will be on display this Thursday, August 6 in San Francisco at NWBLK gallery from 7-10pm. More info here.

  • New Suciu footage is worth its weight in gold. And looks like we just hit the jackpot. To celebrate the launch of his new pro model for adidas—the Suciu ADV—Mark travels to famous plazas around the East Coast to stack footage and exercise his civil liberties as a skateboarder. 

  • Volcom's Wild In The Parks is a pretty simple concept: The contest is a jam-based format where each skatepark has 3 zones. Each skater's single best trick from each zone counts toward their overall score. For Stop #5, Volcom and Wild In The Parks stormed the Grant Skatepark in Chicago, Illinois for one of the best stops to date.

    Click here for full tour schedule and registration info.

  • It might not be Battle At The Berrics yet, but that didn't stop P-Rod and Carlos Ribeiro from taking it to another level and going through the longest, most epic battle ever. 

  • Skateboarding, filmmaking, and media as a whole live and die by the quality of ideas. The best ideas don't always come from the most famous, and the best work doesn't always come from the biggest budget. Guilherme Guimaraes from Sao Paulo sent in this video he filmed on a GoPro and we're happy to show it to the world.

    "Mirrors is a short video about reality. What image can be real in a world of lies? The more we learn, the less we know about the truth. But skateboarding is something real, even if you try to mirror it. My name is Guilherme Guimaraes and I'm a 28 years old filmmaker from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I've been around cameras and skateboarding since I was 11 and intend to stay near them for the rest of my life. My father, Orlando Guimaraes, passed away on March 27th due to intestine cancer. I felt completely lost. After him, my grandmother and my grandfather who helped my parents to raise my brother and I also passed away. I've never dealt with real close deaths before and couldn't do anything, really. Then the opportunity to make Mirrors came out, and I think it was the only decent video I've done in the last year. I decided to honor my father and release Mirrors on July 31st, the day he would turn 65 years old."

    Submit your videos to

  • Tom Karangelov introduces the newest Brighton 344 colorway for New Balance Numeric.

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