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  • 10 NEW SKATERS. MODULAR BLOCKS. THEIR BEST MANUALS. YOU DECIDE WHO WINS. A thing of beauty, an art form, the utmost tech of the tech, the manual is much more than a trick—it's a full-on discipline. Requiring a supernatural amount of patience, grace, and precision, manuals can literally break down even the best skateboarders on the planet. But when done right, few things in skateboarding are more impressive or gratifying than a solid, perfectly balanced manual. And that's exactly why we started 2UP last year, The Berrics' first-ever manual contest. Once again, we built a handful of simple modular blocks and invited 10 of the world's most balanced skaters to get creative and film their best tricks on two wheels. No repeats from last year. You decide the winner. Easy as that.

  • Cody Cepeda used all of his BATB7 prize money to move out to Los Angeles and film his first real video part. But ask anyone; filming a part ain't easy - even in LA. Finding good spots, getting kicked out, taking slams, dealing with cops... all of that take its toll on you, and the stress is enough to kill anyone. With the deadline for footage approaching, we joined Cody for a street mission on his 24th birthday to check in and see how it's all going.

  • Plan B destroyed the Active park for their first demo with Chris Cole on the team. Watch PJ, Felipe, Sheckler, Cole, and more break it off in the recap edit.

  • The Very Best are a half Swedish, half Malawian afrobeat duo. They made this music video in collaboration with the nonprofit Ethiopia Skate for the title-track to their new album "Makes A King". 

  • Rarely do they come easy, and no matter how many times you commit or try, they're always going to be unpredictable. You might get it first go, you might get it after 1,000 tries, but one thing's for sure - nothing feels better than rolling away from a perfectly balanced manual. This is that very process behind Sebo Walker's 2UP. From deciding how to set up the blocks to choosing the tricks, see and hear how it all went down.

  • The first stop of Volcom's Wild In The Parks amateur contest series went down this weekend at Volcom's private park in Costa Mesa, California, and Alex Midler came through for the win. The level of skating is so crazy... it's insane how fast some of these tricks go down. Watch the recap edit for proof. 

  • LA-based board brand, SOVRN, has partnered up with local artist Jesse Draxler for their new artist collab series. Colorblind since birth, Jesse creates strong black and white images that look just as rad on skateboards as they do on canvases. Get to know Jesse's story in this artist profile. 

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