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  • The next batch of Delivery 3 #THEBUILDPROJECT Fundraising Buckets are on their way to skate shops now to help raise money to build/fix DIY spots in their local scenes.

    Check the list of shops to see where you can get involved in The Build Project.

  • Lexus has made the impossible, possible: the first hoverboard is here. In the words of the great Doc Brown, “Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads.” 

  • Trickipedia is not a Trick Tips section, but that doesn't mean you're not going to learn. Trickipedia is the general education page for skateboarding tricks started by the Berrics so that future generations understand the difference between frontside and backside and that there is no such thing as switch nollie half cabs. Each week one of Skateboarding's best will help fill Trickipedia's pages until it is the most comprehensive reference work on the planet. This week Cyril Jackson handles Varial Kickflips. If you have any suggestions of who you would like to see do certain tricks in the future feel free to drop us a line at

  • Josh Hawkins leaves that dry skating business to all of you land lovers.

  • We all know technology makes the world go round and we’d lose our minds without Instagram or iPhones. But sometimes you’ve gotta reconnect with physical, hands-on objects to feel like a real live human being again. Therein lies the impetus for Philly-born, Denver based skater/photographer Matt Albert’s “The LIFERS Project”.

    Frustrated with digital photography, Matt fell in love with the 19th century wet collodion (or wet plate) technique and decided it was the perfect format to photograph fellow “Lifers”—the ones who have dedicated their entire lives to their passions. So he partnered with Cadillac and hit the road down the west coast in two Escalade ESVs – one towing an Airstream and the other towing a mobile dark room – to shoot portraits of down-for-life legends like Danny Way, Ray Barbee, Steve Berra, and Lance Mountain.

    “The Seasons Collection” follows these lifers and finds the correlation between what drives them and the seasons that inspire them. The entire collection of wet plate photos will be on display this Thursday, August 6 in San Francisco at NWBLK gallery from 7-10pm. More info here.

  • New Suciu footage is worth its weight in gold. And looks like we just hit the jackpot. To celebrate the launch of his new pro model for adidas—the Suciu ADV—Mark travels to famous plazas around the East Coast to stack footage and exercise his civil liberties as a skateboarder. 

  • If you thought you knew just how good he was, think again. Carlos Ribeiro is one of the most gifted skateboarders on the planet. This full part from Primitive Skateboarding proves that Carlos is capable of doing absolutely anything on a board. Wow.

  • Volcom's Wild In The Parks is a pretty simple concept: The contest is a jam-based format where each skatepark has 3 zones. Each skater's single best trick from each zone counts toward their overall score. For Stop #5, Volcom and Wild In The Parks stormed the Grant Skatepark in Chicago, Illinois for one of the best stops to date.

    Click here for full tour schedule and registration info.

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