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  • There will never be a perfect skateboard contest. The beauty about skateboarding is that there are so many different types of skateboarders in the world: Some who do hard tricks, some with great style, some with commitment, some with control, some who stay low to the ground, some who jump, and some who do it all and have it all. Then there are some who run and gun.

    10 skaters each get the park to themselves for 24 hours to film their best 60-second run. They are totally unaware of what the others have done. Winner gets $25,000. You are the judge.

  • What are the requirements for having a trick "on lock"? Looks like we just found out. Chris Joslin takes his perfect tre flips to everything in the park. Practice makes perfect, right? NO BAILS ALLOWED!

  • These are YOUR tickets to skate The Berrics with two of your friends. Place an order in the Canteen, win a chance to skate The Berrics! We’re randomly giving away Black Tickets to 4 lucky Canteen customers this holiday weekend. Any order - no matter how big or small - is eligible. Plus, everything in the Canteen is on sale up to 80% off today through Sunday. What’s not to love?

  • Imagine being able to know about Jay Z before he released his debut album, before he ever graced a single TV screen, magazine cover, or had the hottest chick in the game wearing his chain. You could share his music with your friends, converting them to fans of this rapper they never heard of before. That’s what Masked Gorilla is all about, introducing you to your favorite rapper before he’s everyone’s favorite rapper.
    Now imagine being able to catch this Jay Z guy at your local venue, with only a few hundred people in the crowd, watching him perform from a few feet away. That’s what the UNMASKED Concert Series is all about.
    When Miami's Robb Bank$ and Memphis' Chris Travis released their collaborative 'No Trespassing' EP earlier this year, it racked up over a million plays on Soundcloud. After covering both Robb and Chris on Masked Gorilla since 2012, we knew it was the perfect time to bring them together in concert for the first time and have them touch down on our UNMASKED stage. The two rappers sold out the concert with ease, but they managed to make their performance look even easier. The two intertwined their sets, rapping back and forth with each other the entire night. We spoke with the two artists before they hit the stage about how they started rapping, when they started to gain traction, and what their rise in the scene has been like.
  • Tyler Peterson made his way out to California from St. Louis, Missouri and had a dream to skate The Berrics. Once he got in touch and showed us he could hang, he let us know he had another dream... To film a Bangin. But we don't just hand that shit out for anything or anyone. He's gonna have to earn it. If you've got a dream, go out and put in the work to make it a reality. Tyler did. 

  • The early 90s signified the biggest change skateboarding has ever gone through and became the defining principle of what it meant to skateboard. Since then, the pros of the early 90s have managed to rule over skateboarding since they turned it into what it is today. In the early 2000s a few new faces had emerged but still, the ruling pros, the ones who became the owners of companies, the people who say how things are, the people who say who is going to be what, the now establishment, are still those young guys who turned skateboarding on its head over 20 years ago. The chokehold my generation has had for all this time, however, is now slowly starting to loosen its grip on the throat of all those people who dream of coming up and taking their places. It's happening, the new faces are emerging more than the old ones are sticking around. It's an exciting time, some may be bittersweet, but the clock cannot be stopped from ticking. Our hope is that our Recruits someday, maybe 20 years from now, face the same challenges every generation faces with the influx of new faces and talent who do things we only dreamed of. -- sb

  • Malto clears the table for a Thanksgiving feast. 

  • Some skate trips you get nothin'. Others you get absolutely everything. Without a plan for a video, the Real crew hit the road for 10 days last year through Denver and Kansas City. Every session was heavy and the crew stacked over 14 minutes of footage that kicked off the filming of Through and ThroughHere's the mind-blowing footage for your viewing pleasure in all of its raw and uncut glory. 

    Click here to watch Through and Through. 

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