The third stop of the Levi’s Skateboarding Pull Up On the Spot Tour rolled into North Carolina's Black Sheep skateshop. The skate jam went off, and we have the proof: the following photo gallery tells you all you need to know about this rad event.

Welcome to the Eastland DIY in Charlotte, NC.


Transfer compliments of Josh Matthews. 

Dan Plunkett and Josh Matthews back to back nosegrinds. Wait for it…

Told you.

Dan Plunkett, nollie half cab flip. 

Josh Matthews with a quick crooks

Plunkett with a fakie heel. Check Joey Pepper’s Insta story for the footage!

Dan Plunkett with a fakie backside nosegrind 180. 

Levi’s TM Brennan Conroy catches a quick back tail 

Dan Plunkett, heelflip

Internet, meet Brian Korff. He's the filmer on the trip and if the video sucks blame him… Jk Brian rules! 

After a hot and humid day, the crew was toast. Now off to Black Sheep Skateshop for food and drinks.

Welcome, to Black Sheep! Cheers! 

The food was proper! Follow @yoshijenkins on Instagram!

The Black Bean Burger was on point.

K & Cat Mom enjoying some drinks. (Sorry, didn’t ask for names so going by articles of clothing.)

There might have been a cat theme I was unaware of… 

The screenprinting station

Shirts are looking good!


Thank you Black Sheep for putting on such a rad event and holding it down in Charlotte for the last 15 plus years! Now on to Continuum!