Chris Varcadipane’s independent effort was a labor of love that gathered steam rather quickly and grew into a full-fledged full-length with some Oregon heavy hitters. Some parts from “Dusted” went live on this week (Kevin Kowalski, Nick Peterson, and David Gravette, to name a few). Andrew Gray’s part is total street madness, so we had to get in on the action, too! 

Check out The Skateboard Mag's interview with Chris V., this is a guy who really started from the ground up.



Chris Varcadipane has been super generous with his Pacific Northwest indie video, “Dusted.” He’s letting us post a couple of the parts up, and we’re more than grateful (he’s become our Oregon donor). The name “Dusted” could mean a bunch of things, but after watching Jake Selover’s part the meaning is obvious: You just can’t sweep this video under the rug!


"Path Of Dawn" by Axel Zeltser & Tristan Helias, starring Tristan Helias

After the "Proper Stranger" video (Skateboarding and classical dance? Yes please!), Tristan Helias teamed up with Axel Zeltser for his third film, with a similar vibe. Also based in Paris, France, “Path Of Dawn” is a beautifully cinematic account of what happens when normal social functions no longer hold your attention. You long to skate! Every awkward bit of chitchat transforms into a wallie or a kickflip, powersliding through the Parisian night. Must be nice, no? Oui, and effective.


Cromwell homie, Dave “Hammer” Sledge dropped a hot minute of chaos to our super-secret “Watch This!” email address (it’s, and we were pretty flabbergasted. Sledge drops the hammer on some Cromwell craziness. Sledge is officially our Connecticut connect for footy: he Croms it well.


October 7, 2016

October 6, 2016