Watch Michael Bell’s ‘Blessed Energy’ Video Here

Filmer Michael Bell (the holy man behind Holy Field) dropped his latest edit featuring Spencer Semien, Terrill Jefferson, Brent Menchaca, Greg Valencia, Ron Hawkins, Martin Garcia, Moose, Tony Sanchez, Joshua Borgogni, John Herrera, Joey Hilbert, Ken Young, Cameron Shepard, Tyreek Williams, Preston Summers, Ethan Singleton, Lester Singleton, Edson Yumul, Jud Farhat, Hakeem Ducksworth, Ray Corey, Freddie Shields, Neeeze, Alber Leandro, Alef Rodrigues, Will Gabourel, Marques Ashley, and Bell himself. Check out the latest Bell ringer, above!

You can help support Bell’s mission to keep bringing you hype edits by purchasing Holy Field merch here.

Check out Semien’s most recent Berrics parts—’Hoops’ and ‘Catnip’—below:

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