Trajectory Next New Wave


Skateboarders tend to believe skateboarding has to be a certain way, but in FACTit doesn’t and never has. Instead, what skateboarding needs is to get back to a place where what we create is what we want and by our own creative standards. Because while it’s impossible to deny the powerful blend of photography, art, and music within the vibrant culture of skateboarding, after a while the market starts to blend together, everything begins to look the same and creativity begins to waver. This is exactly what The Next New Wave will break through with brands like FACT helping to discover the next generation of artists, or more appropriately–the Next New Wave of artists. Evolved from using simple means to express himself and inspired by a perspective of family and skateboard culture, FACT is the culmination of Damon Way’s three decades of working in the skateboarding industry. Damon’s cultivation of creative elements and his dedication to uninhibited artistic freedom, assures the future of skate brands will be vibrant. We just have to stay on the current Trajectory established by brands like FACT.

Break free from the complacent box and get your hands on FACT product exclusively available in The Canteen. 


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