Here’s How Paul Rodriguez Sets Up His Board In 2022

As a businessman, Paul Rodriguez is at the top of the skate industry. We’ve watched him come up over the past 25 years and it’s gratifying to see him grow into his head-honcho role (he even has a Primitive logo tattooed on his hand… now kiss the ring)—one that keeps him super busy. And, even after a devastating knee injury that kept him rehabbing for well over a year, he managed to stack clips from Primitive’s recent full-length Define. Now that P-Rod is back on his grind, wouldn’t you like to know how he sets up his board in 2022? Rodriguez gives you some insight into his board set-up choices—what works, what doesn’t, and what isn’t even worth the effort—and he gives you a quick taste of his flick in this latest video, above!

P-Rod has been a regular at The Berrics since the beginning. BATB champ, Run & Gun champ

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