THE NINE CLUB — Mark Appleyard

Mark Appleyard is the latest to sit down with The Nine Club for an interview. He discusses his roots, sponsorship history, and video parts in this nearly hour-and-a-half conversation. At 15:58, Mark talks about the trip to Tampa Am that landed him on Birdhouse, Adio, and Thunder in one weekend. 

“I went to Tampa Am. I don’t remember what year it was. It was before 2000. I went there. It was probably like ’98, ’99. My brother had actually made some money. And he gave me the money to send me there. That was super cool. So I go to Tampa. I was just a little kid. I fly out by myself. I was winging it big time. I don’t think I had any hotel reservations or shit like that. I just went there and ended up staying with someone. I got on Birdhouse that day, well during the whole contest thing. This guy guy J. Strickland, I think Reynolds might have been there, and, like, Jeff Lenoce. They hooked me up man. And I got on Adio that day. And I got on Thunder that day. And I’m still on Thunder. Mickey Reyes hooked it up. That was a life-changing day.”

Check the full interview above. And if you want to see Apples’s latest clip, look no further than his Bangin! from last week below.

Bangin! | Mark Appleyard

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