Tom Drury Is Skateboarding 2,500 Miles To Raise Money For Laos Skatepark

Tom Drury is a madman. A recent BBC News piece featured the Australian skater, who is in the midst of pushing 4,000km (just about 2,500 miles) from Melbourne to Cairns, essentially spanning the whole East Coast of the continent. This is not for the faint of foot—Drury says that he goes through a pair of shoes pretty much every two weeks—but it is for a good cause: He is fundraising for Laos’ first public skatepark.

Drury, after nine weeks of this solo mission, is currently three quarters of the way to his destination and averages about 70km (just over 43 miles) each day! Check out the above BBC News video for some footage of his trip and an interview with the man, and visit his GoFundMe page here for information on his Laos campaign!

Melbourne to Cairns has got to be one of the longest lengths traveled on a skateboard, but what about the longest grinds and powerslides? See below:

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