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WATCH THIS! — Mikey Eddy “No Neverland” Part

I don’t know how old Mikey Eddy is, but he can’t be very old. I don’t know where he’s from but the spots he’s skating are in Arizona, so I’ll say that’s where he’s from and I’ll say he’s 17 because that’s what I’ve decided he is. With that said, this dude is good. Although I have to dock him a few points for doing a flip out of a frontside boardslide he gains them back and more with his switch flip front feeble, really good bigspins, clean switch backside flips and clean style. I don’t know his aspirations. I don’t know if I can even trust someone with two first names, but I know that if he sticks with it, I’d definitely want to see where he goes. Hey Mikey, come out to Los Angeles and hit us up, let’s get you in the Berrics and see how you roll.

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