Anthony Pappalardo

Terror of Planet X

It has been released via social media, Anthony Pappalardo will have a new board and possibly unreleased footage with Philly brand, Terror of Planet X. Anthony was always a skate world favorite, since his early days with Alien Workshop and later days with Chocolate. Pappalardo has been without a board sponsor since parting ways with Chocolate in 2012. That being the case, Pappalardo has still been seen skating around Philly and posting skating clips on his Instagram.

On August 18th, about 17-hours ago, Pappalardo posted the board on his Instagram with the hashtags: #ITrickedSomebodyIntoThinkingTheyStillMightBeAbleToSellASkateboardWithMyNameOnIt and alluded to another part with: #MaybeSomeNewFootage. The board graphic art was created by Don Pendleton, who was with Alien during Pappalardo's time with the brand. Check out the board below!

You can follow Anthony Pappalardo on his Instagram.