The Gonzfather Turns 49

Without Mark Gonzales, modern street skating as we know it wouldn’t exist. I know—that’s a bold statement. But let’s face it, Gonz basically defined street skating during the early years.

Beyond just tricks, his creative use of public space both on and off of his skateboard is just as much a part of what street skating is at its core as stairs, ledges, and handrails. If it’s truly about adapting to your surroundings and using what’s in front of you in the most creative way possible, we certainly have Gonz along with a handful of other early pioneers to thank for that. 

Mark’s influence can be seen in so many aspects of what skateboarding has become. And the tricks, brands, and videos that he’s created will go down in history as being a part of skateboarding’s overall evolution.

And, at 49, he is still out there being creative in the streets. Happy birthday, Mark. Thanks for paving the way for the rest of us.


Mark Gonzales | Krooked Kronichles