Watch All The 9-Club Tricks From SLS Seattle Here

Street League Skateboarding recently wrapped up stop 02 of the 2022 SLS Championship Tour, and it was full of 9-Club bangeroonies. We heard the blues a-callin’ tossed salads and scrambled nines in Seattle, with Yuto Horigome, Nyjah Huston, Dashawn Jordan, Gustavo Ribeiro, Sora Shirai, Braden Hoban, and more vying for the title. This is over 23 minutes of high-pressure skateboarding—very impressive.

We kind of like the weather up there, though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. You have to get a little more creative to create a dry spot to skate, but when you’re all done and you’re sitting in the car hearing the raindrops pound on the windows… it’s pretty satisfying. We give Seattle’s weather a 5.6, but the vibe of squishy shoes and stuffing your board under your coat in the rain is at least an 8. And, of course, the Seattle locals are a 10.

Every year, Street League is a highlight for The Berrics. Last time around, we went there with Chad Muska and he got some priceless behind-the-scenes clips for us. Watch that edit, from July 2019, below:

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